Portable UV Sterilizer - Sanitizer
Portable UV Sterilizer - Sanitizer
Portable UV Sterilizer - Sanitizer
Portable UV Sterilizer - Sanitizer
Portable UV Sterilizer - Sanitizer
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Portable UV Sterilizer - Sanitizer

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Sanitize and Sterilize everything you Touch & Hold!

No need of liquid sanitizers when you can keep UV Sterilizer with you 24/7, it gets job done with UV light and kills bacteria on all surfaces, can be used to sanitize and sterilize phones, Baby bottles, toys, purse, wallets, money/bills, shoes, door knobs and much more. 

Key Features:

1) EASY TO CARRY -- Mini and portable, convenient to use it anywhere and anytime.

2) EASY TO USE -- Comes with USB port and built-in lithium battery. Press the on/off button for 3 seconds, and when the indicator light turns blue, you can use it to scan wherever you want to be cleaned for 1 minute.

3) Efficient -- UVC LED sterilizer can effectively kill more than 20 kinds of common bacteria. For example: escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, candida albicans, ringworm, helicobacter pylori, haemophilus influenzae, etc.  It ensures 99.9% sterilizing rate. 

4) Advantages over traditional disinfection methods -- Mercury-free and ozone-free, efficient and environmentally friendly.

5) SAFE TO USE -- The UVC lamp will turn off automatically when it faces upwards or upright to ensure user safety.

6) USE ANYWHERE -- You can use it to scan wherever you want to be cleaned. Perfect for your daily used tools, such as nail tools, salon tools, office supplies. 

Sterilization Principle:

240-280nm deep UV light can damage the DNA or RNA molecular structure of bacteria, causing bacteria to die.


Turn on the sterilizing light and move around 3-8cm above the objects.

It can accomplish sterilization within 10-300 seconds.

Charging ways

Adopt Micro5 USB charging port, Can be connected with power bank/car charger/PC,etc.


Do not use it on the body of animals, humans, or pets. It may denature or damage the protein structure. Please use the product as intended. Use it on non-living subjects / objects.

Packaging List:
1 * UVC LED Sterilizer
1 * USB Charging Cable
1 * User Manual (English & Chinese)
1 * Gift Box

Key Specifications:

Charging Method: USB charging

Battery Capacity:  200mAh

Working Time: 100 minutes, about 20 disinfection actions

Ultraviolet Wavelength: 275-285nm

LED Quantity: 2pcs UVC LED

Beam Angle: 120 degrees

Radiation Flux: 10mW

Color: White

Net Weight of Portable UVC LED sterilizer : 33g

Gross weight: 135g/box

** UV Sterilizer / UV Sanitizer Shipped from Texas with FREE 2 DAY PRIORITY Shipping!!

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