About Us

Healthy Carrot LLC.'s ultimate goal is to make lives easier for everyone. Being a plastic goods distributor since 1994 and plastic goods manufacturer for over 15 years, Healthy Carrot is globally known for quality, commitment and responsible business practices. Being an environmentally responsible company we understand how important it is to have a healthy, productive and thriving life for the whole family. Healthy Carrot is member of AAMI and NSBA Leadership Council and has developed private label products for countless private sellers as well as major retailers including Walmart, Target, Dollar General and Sam's Club and more and provides branding assistance, packaging assistance, private label production and in-house contract manufacturing to the US clients. Our catalog consists of everyday Household Products, Toys and Baby/Kids related products, Kitchen Ware, Medical Devices and Medical Supplies. With inquiries and product details you can reach us at info@healthycarrot.net or contact your local Healthy Carrot products distributor.